Why this blog?

Deep in my heart I always felt that I am kind of an artist.
Unfortunately I also have been struggling to be proud of my creativity and the way I express myself. More so I was ashamed to show my drawings, writings or any work I put my feelings into. I thought that I lack talent, craft, ideas and most of all perfection.

The ideal I had set for myself was unreachable for me. So I convinced myself that art isn’t that important to me and moved away from myself and my childish dreams. Above all I abandoned my inner artist. I struggled through the years and was trying to find my purpose, my love and my happiness. But nothing showed. And I stopped looking. Honestly speaking at some point I wasn’t really living…

…till life stopped me. And forced me to look back. I turned back to myself and what I found was a black void – filled with sadness, self doubts and anxiety. 

I am pushing through all these feelings for a few years now. Gladly I could reconnect to my inner artist. We are frightened as hell doing these steps into art again but living our creativity brings us so much joy and fulfillment.

Now I understand. It’s okay to be just right here. At this moment trying to do what I can to express myself.

Easy as that. And heck yes, It’s okay not to be perfect!

That’s why this blog is here.

I want to show my work – how I see, feel and experience the world.
And especially I want to show my way (my progress) out into the light.

Thanks for being here, having trust and for being kind to me.

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